Download our Tip Sheet 'Using Marketing Automation to Make Shows More Effective'

Understand how to use Marketing Automation 

Many companies do not follow up on the leads that are generated from a trade show. Much time and money is invested in to these events and this investment should reap good return to be worthwhile. Using Marketing Automation will help you achieve a better return. Read our Marketing Automation guide and learn:


  • How to collect information about the show by setting up a show specific landing page. Never neglect quality leads.
  • Post trade show follow up’s is necessary. Use an email to get in touch with the leads generated and reestablish company value and stress upon the highlights of the event.
  • How to segregate your leads based on the persona of the buyer, the behavior of the lead and their position in the buying cycle.
  • How to convert warm leads into sales by placing them in drip campaigns.